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Empower Yourself with the Knowledge,Strategies, Skills & Mindset for Business Growth & Success

Welcome to the Entrepreneurship and Success Academy; A Business School and Community for Entrepreneurs with a Library of 300+ Business Development and Success Mindset Coaching Resources

Are you ready to go from surviving in business to thriving? On this Platform, we support you with the comprehensive Training, Coaching and Business Development Programs that will help you create the Business and Life you want.

Available programs and resources include:
  • The Entrepreneur's Workbook
  • Content Strategy Workbook
  • Brand Strategy Development Guide Session
  • E-Book: Mindset of and Entrepreneur 
  • E-Book:  Marketing Like Jesus
  • Access 5 Part Course Guide & Workbook to Develop your Customer Profiles & Insights.
  • Business Accelerator Course
  • Content Development Strategy Guide and Workbook
  • Guide to your new Product/Service Launch
  • Guide to Building a Globally Relevant Brand
  • The Leadership & Success Program The Game Plan: 12 Strategies for Winning in Life and Business 
  • And so much more including searchable Business Articles (grouped by topics) 

"Every Entrepreneur need to embody practical knowledge of strategic planning, project management, success principles as well as develop competitive Branding, Storytelling, Marketing, Sales and Persuasion skills" Coach Toyin

"Entrepreneurship is the highest expression of Human Creativity and Productivity. To unleash the limitless possibilities of your potential, you must adopt a new mindset for success, develop new skills, and implement strategies and systems for business growth and success! You been trained and conditioned to become an employee and it is time for you to train yourself to become an employer! The Game Plan Program will help you unleash your potential and activate your inner power, influence, confidence and leverage your voice to drive the impact you want to see in the world. Be your own hero! Rescue your hopes, dreams and aspirations by leveraging the principles I will teach you in my Academy." Coach Toyin Umesiri - CEO Nazaru

Executive Coach Toyin Umesiri - CEO Nazaru

Coach Toyin is the Author of the book: Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Strategies, Skills and Mindset for Achieving Business Growth and Success.  

Coach Toyin is an Author, International Consultant, Supply Chain Strategist, Founder and CEO of Nazaru and Convener of the acclaimed Trade with Africa Business Summit. She provides Business Coaching to Entrepreneurs around the world and Advisory Services to Government Agencies and Multilateral Institutions such as the United Nations.

Prior to establishing her initiatives, she served as a business strategist at the HQ. of leading retailer and Fortune #1, Walmart, and as a Supply Chain Expert at Whirlpool Corporation in Michigan. Through her advanced training programs, global events and platforms, she connects, educates and empowers stakeholders through Capacity Building, Success Skills Development and Market Linkages.

Coach Toyin's distinguished big-business experience and global perspective will help you accelerate your Business Growth and Success. She brings to you 360° Business Development principles, Growth and Expansion Mindset and original Frameworks to help you learn how to build, grow and scale your business both locally and internationally. See more at www.toyinumesiri.com


Enroll in our 10 Week Business Accelerator to Grow and Transformation your Business!

(All Program Resources; workbooks, courses, ebooks and coaching sessions are included in both Premium & Professional Memberships)

If you are struggling to see results on your journey, you need the right Coach, Instructions and a Roadmap that will guide you to success! This is exactly what you will be able to access when you enroll today.

The most valuable part of your business is not your idea, product or service... It is the operational excellence and the structures you put in place to drive consistent value generation in the marketplace! My programs will teach you how to build and structure your business for long term sustained growth. Coach Toyin Umesiri - Founder

The Entrepreneurship & Success Academy offers you the following:
  1. A support community that will help you go further in business! We host a Community where you learn, ask questions and find answers to your burning entrepreneurship questions while also connecting with other entrepreneurs like you. 
  2. Courses and exclusive Business Development Programs: Access more than 30+ Courses, programs and guides designed by Coach Toyin Umesiri to help you complete the Entrepreneur's journey map to Success curriculum
  3. Workbooks and Guides: Download and complete our exclusive Workbooks including the Entrepreneur's Workbook, your Personal Success Workbook, Content Strategy Workbook, Customer Profile and Insights Workbook, Learn how to Launch your Products and Services Workbook and more to teach you how to design a winning Business Model! 
  4. Executive Training and Coaching: Join to access training from International Consultant, Business Strategist and Coach - Toyin Umesiri -delivered in both groups and personalized sessions.
  5. Business Articles: Access 200 searchable Business articles for training and orienting your mind towards your business goals and success.
  6. E-Books: Access eBooks such as Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Strategies, Skills and Mindset for Achieving Business Growth and Success
  7. Register to leverage the 360° Business Development and Customer Acquisition Frameworks developed by Coach Toyin Umesiri.
  8. Learn Design Thinking Principles that will help you accelerate your Business Growth and Success.
  9. BONUS: Participate in the Personal Growth and Success Mindset Program called the Game Plan: 12 Strategies for Winning in Life and Business. This program includes your Personal Growth Plan Workbook that you will use to design a new more successful version of yourself! 

The Game Plan 12 Strategies for Winning in Life and Business is the solution for eliminating limiting beliefs and adopting a new mindset for achieving your desired levels of successful" Coach Toyin Umesiri - CEO Nazaru

Our Members learn the A to Z of Building, Growing and Scaling their Businesses leveraging the Roadmap to Business Growth and Success and Business Development Principles designed by Executive Business Coach Toyin Umesiri. 


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