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Welcome to A Community for Entrepreneurs and Leaders Hosted by Toyin Umesiri - Nazaru CEO
  • January: The Game Plan: Strategies for Winning in 2022 (Intense Goal Setting, Leadership, Success and Personal Development Coaching Program)
  • February: Weekly Coaching and Support on Developing your Brand Strategy (Wednesdays)
  • March: Understanding your Customer's Journey, Pain-points and Aspirations and Developing your Value Proposition (Masterclass)
  • April: Weekly Coaching and Support (Wednesdays)
  • May: Business Model Design (Workshop)
  • June: Weekly Coaching and Support on Effective Marketing Strategies and Tactics (Wednesdays)
  • July: Weekly Coaching and Support on Sales and Distribution Channels (Wednesdays)
  • August: Weekly Coaching and Support on People, Processes, Procedures and Structures
  • September: Weekly Coaching and Support on Customer Service and Client Support
  • October: Defining and Monitoring your Business Goals (session)
  • November: Weekly Coaching and Support on Strategic Partnerships for Business Growth (Wednesdays)
  • December: Year End Wrap-up, Success Highlights and Graduation
This platform provides you access to weekly coaching delivered by Ms. Toyin Umesiri, exclusive entrepreneurship training resources, business growth strategies, courses and more to help you establish, secure and strengthen the foundational structures of your Business.
  • This is the platform where you learn the mindsets, strategies and tactics to launch, grow and achieve your business results faster! 
  • Learn what the biggest brands and businesses know, the strategies that they deploy, how they think and what do they do differently!

Toyin Umesiri served as Strategist at the headquarters. of Fortune #1; Walmart. She left corporate to launch her company; Nazaru, global platforms and brands.

New Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners face unique challenges that big businesses did not face... But those big businesses also started somewhere and at some point in their journey were small businesses too. How did they grow to achieve market leadership? What strategies did they apply? What structures and frameworks did they put in place to support their own business growth plan? 

Answering these types of questions is what let Ms. Toyin Umesiri to develop frameworks, structures, insights and craft the types of mindsets that business leaders most also embody to achieve success today. These mindset shifts are necessary to assist entrepreneurs in rapidly launching, growing and scaling up their businesses. They are the Business Growth Strategies she now exposes her members and clients from around the world to; guiding and coaching them to adopt and shift - the market requires such especially now!

It is time for you to work on your business and not only in your business


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